Allister Hain is a strategic communications and engagement specialist. An excellent public speaker and a highly sought-after writer-editor; he presently offers his services to the Forest Products Sector Council as their Director of Communicatons. 

Allister prides himself in being able to ask difficult questions which dig deep and displace everyday assumptions. It is in the resulting openness and space that new vision, new ideas, new pathways emerge. For the last 10 years he has provided assistance to those looking for something more in their lives.

Beginning in 2002, Allister undertook a series of trainings and experiences with the WEL-Systems Institute in Ottawa, Canada and is certified as a Catalyst, CODE Model Coach™, Quantum TLC™ Facilitator, and WEL-Systems: NLP Master Practitioner. He is experienced in The Art of Hosting and Open Space Technology facilitation experiences.

In 2006, he undertook his first solo vision quest in Death Valley, California and followed it in 2007 with another along the Gila River in southern New Mexico. He returned to Death Valley in March 2008 for a third. He assisted on a fourth in September 2008 in Vermont. He returned to northern New Mexico in 2011.

Allister possesses advanced degrees in history and political science from Wilfrid Laurier University, a public relations diploma from Algonquin College and a graduate certificate in social marketing from Carleton. 

An avid musician, writer and wilderness traveller, he completed the 2010 New York Marathon with his wife, Abigail. They live in Ottawa, Canada with a fiesty feline named Maple.


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